About us

About Aqua Bee Photography.

Aqua Bee Photography underwater photo shoots.

Rachelle L President and CEO of Aqua Bee Photography is an SSI open water licensed company, and a certified videographer, Rachelle ventured into diving in 2014, always drawn to any body of water swimming, surfing or diving, her attraction to water just makes sense because growing up she was told stories of her grandfather and father diving adventures throughout there life time.
Rachelle knows the importance of trust in business, so you will find the following attributes at Aqua Bee Photography. 

  • Top quality photos
  • Best customer service
  • 14 day money back guarantee

Our team

Aqua Bee's setup Crew works hard putting together the perfect photo shoot.

Each employee strives to achieve a comfortable fun experience.


“Rachelle is very professional, patient and helpful.
She definitely has and eye for securing one of a kind
underwater images, this is due to her diving experiance
the last several years.
Underwater photography for her clients takes on a whole new
adventure, when Rachelle took my photos it was very easy to
work with her.
We had a lot of fun, I would say if you haven't ever had your
photos done underwater, go for it! It is an incredible experience,
expecially in the open waters.
Rachelle is my favorite go to photographer.